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Shopout believes in transparency and hence strongly recommends you to thoroughly read the terms and conditions below.


The terms “we”, “us”, “Site” and “Shopout” in this content will refer to Shopout as well as any subsidiaries, sub-domains, apps or any tools related to this website. Shopout is an online shopping platform, delivering a variety of products to consumers all over Pakistan. By visiting Shopout.pk, you agree to the terms and conditions of this website and understand that all actions and systems in place are for the safety of customers. If you, at any point, do not agree with the terms and conditions, feel free to discontinue the usage of Shopout.

Shopout reserves the right to add, remove or modify the terms and conditions without any prior notice to users or customers. Therefore, you are requested to keep checking this page and look out for such changes in the conditions. The terms and conditions are effective from the time they are posted on this page.

User Account

You will require a registered account to use certain features at Shopout. For your safety, we strongly advice you to maintain confidentiality and not disclose your account details to anyone. Shopout reserves the right to invalidate your username and/or password without any justification or prior notification and will not be responsible for any loss you may incur as a result. Account impersonation is not acceptable. Any user found with a fake profile or accessing another user’s account will lead to immediate account suspension.

For Shopout users, you hereby accept full responsibility of your account details and are responsible to ensure that your account is not compromised in any way. In case you feel like your account is compromised, immediately inform us so appropriate actions could be taken in a timely manner. Otherwise, it would be assumed that any login attempt is being made by you or an authorized person. You agree to not hold us accountable in case your account is compromised. You also agree to be responsible and fully indemnify us for any loss that is incurred via use of or access to Shopout from your account, whether you were the one using it or not.

You must ensure that you always provide accurate and complete details at Shopout. We expect you to update your details immediately on the Site for a hassle-free, smooth online shopping experience. We reserve the right to modify content on our website without any notice. We also reserve the right to deny access to or terminate accounts without any prior notice. We will not be liable to provide any justification for account removal or content modification at any time. You agree to change your password from time to time in order to maximize account security as we terminate accounts immediately if we experience any suspicious activity on your account.


We attach significant importance to your privacy. Please review the Privacy Policy of Shopout thoroughly before using this Site. The data and personal information that you provide is kept strictly confidential as per our privacy policy. If you, at any point, believe that you disagree with the privacy policy, please discontinue your usage of the Site.

Site Availability

We try our best to ensure that customers can access our Site 24/7 without any errors or interruptions. However, despite round the clock maintenance, any unforeseen bugs may prevent you from accessing the website or carrying out any transactions. In such a case, we immediately shut the website temporarily and continue operations once repaired.

Ordering and pricing

While Shopout ensure round the clock services, there might be instances when we refuse to process your transaction or deny orders for multiple reasons. We reserve the right to cancel orders at any time without having to provide any justification.

As shoppers are required to enter their personal and card details, we reserve the right to verify every piece of information submitted to Shopout. The verification process is for your safety as well as our satisfaction that the product is being shipped to the right person. If you fail to complete the verification process within 2 business days or if we detect some suspicious activity on your debit/credit card, the order may automatically get cancelled.

Shopout ensures that product pricing is done as accurately and fairly as possible. In case we find out that the price of an ordered product is inaccurate, whether or not the customer has paid for it, we reserve the right to cancel the order.

Code of Conduct

Shopout is an online shopping platform, allowing people from all over Pakistan to connect for a revolutionary shopping experience in a few clicks. Therefore, we expect you to abide by the code of conduct and make Shopout a safe and secure marketplace for customers.

We expect you to avoid using the Site in any way that could damage or adversely affect Site performance in any way. We reserve the right to hold you accountable if the Site is used for any fraudulent activity or if your activity is a possible threat to the Site, its users, employees and stakeholders. Using or reusing content that you do not own is an offence. Insensitive comments or reviews involving religious, blasphemous, pornographic, misleading or deceptive content will immediately be removed and lead to a permanent ban of your account. We expect you to maintain a certain level of respect for other users at Shopout.

Since we are offering over 10 million products at Shopout, we encourage you to immediately report any unacceptable behaviour or content found in Site as it is a high probability that we may miss out on it.

Trademarks and copyrights

Every piece of content, writing or infographic, on this Site is our property, protected under Pakistan’s copyright laws and international conventions. Graphics, designs, logos, source codes, software, videos, pictures, music and every other content is Shopout’s property and you are strictly not allowed to use or reuse this content anywhere else.

Limitation of Liability

By continuing using this Site, you agree to proceed at your own risk. While we try our best to ensure customer safety, we display products on “as available” basis without having any claim or representation in the product, unless specified in writing.

Communicating with us

You can always communicate with us electronically using phones, computers, tablets and any other device. By sending us an email or text, you agree to communicate with us and expect us to respond back.

Applicable law and Jurisdiction

The terms and conditions are regulated and governed by the laws of Pakistan. By continuing using this Site, you accept the jurisdiction of Pakistan’s court and laws.


Shopout reserves the right to terminate the terms and conditions at any point in time with immediate effect without prior notice to anyone. Upon termination, your access to this Site and account details will all be terminated, and you might be denied access to Shopout. This shall not affect any activity prior to the termination being implemented. The Site will not be responsible for any losses or damages incurred as part of the termination process. If you are not satisfied or disagree with the terms and conditions, privacy policy, guidelines and practices being followed on this Site, please do not continue to use the Site.

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